Aktives Museum

Aktives Museum’s coordinating office for historical markers in Berlin

On 1 March 2021, Aktives Museum opened a new office dedicated to coordinating projects and the exchange of information on historical markers in the city, such as commemorative plaques and information panels, relating to all eras of Berlin history. Staff here will advise on proposals for new commemorative plaques or information panels. Proposals for Berliner Gedenktafeln are submitted to Berlin’s historical advisory board (Historischer Beirat) at the Senate for discussion and possible recommendation. The new coordinating office also aims to assist with ideas on implementing participative remembrance projects in public spaces, make contacts between different initiatives in Berlin, and initiate and realize independent projects as well as Aktives Museum’s projects.

Its key fields of activity are:

Contact: Nora Hogrefe, hogrefe(at)aktives-museum.de, 030 263 9890 60

During the current pandemic, the coordinating office is working from home and can be contacted via email.