crowdCuratio: Open Source Tool for the Development of Web Presentations

In cooperation with berlinHistory e.V., the Aktives Museum developed the digital tool crowdCuratio for collaborative and participatory development of web presentations.

crowdCuratio provides documentary or educational projects with free access to an easy-to-use and low-threshold open source content management system (CMS). It allows the creation of a so-called one-pager with a bilingual text structure as well as the use of images, image galleries, audios and videos. Through different access rights in the CMS, participatory projects can very easily cooperate with external stakeholders such as schools, universities, initiatives, etc. The use of crowdCuratio is free of charge, the hosting of the resulting websites has to be done by the projects themselves.

Interested users are welcome to use crowdCuratio. Please contact: mail@berlinhistory.app

The accompanying blog crowdCuratio – curating together describes the development of the project (in German).

The new project “Judenhäuser” und “Judenwohnungen” in Berlin” of the Aktives Museum and the Coordination Office Stolpersteine has already published a website with crowdCuratio: https://www.judenhaeuser.berlin/en/

crowdCuratio was funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe in 2021 as part of kulturBdigital.