Aktives MuseumMaking Amends

Making Amends. Compensation and Restitution cases in Divided Berlin

Documenting the struggle to find adequate ways of providing compensation and restitution, this exhibition traces the difficult search for practicable bureaucratic procedures to make amends for unprecedented crimes, and reveals how the fates of Nazi victims were ‘processed’ in post-war Germany. Spotlighting 27 individual cases from East and West Berlin, it illustrates the many different dimensions of “Wiedergutmachung”.


9 Oktober 2015 – 14 Januar 2016 at German Resistance Memorial Center; subsequently, 28 September – 18 November 2016 at Landgericht Berlin, Litten Strasse 12-17 and 22 –24 September 2017 at German Judicial Academy in Wustrau.